Robots From Outer Space Are Going To Save The Human Race. This was stuck in my head as I was sitting in a community college classroom. It was a political science class. I don’t like politics very much. The phrase popped into my head as I aimlessly drew in my notebook and listened to my teacher, Mr. Loiterman talk about something that I don’t remember. I think they call teachers professors in college. I never understood why. I couldn’t stop saying it over and over again in my head. I never wrote it down though. Which is weird cause I write everything down. I said it once out loud. This cute girl with blonde hair and a nose ring stared at me for a second. It sounded right. It had no meaning. None at all, but I liked it. It described what I was doing. Stringing things together until they looked right to me. Or at the least sounded right. 


     When I decided to make my first zine I thought of several names. This was the only one that really made sense. I liked it. It sounded right. At least to me it did. So I wrote it down for the first time and began to work on putting together our first zine. 


When I wanted somewhere on the internet to put my photos it was the only name I could think of. So here it is. 


Thanks for looking. 

Kevin Jansen.